Included in the rental price of the villa:
- Accommodation for 18 people
- Concierge assistance
- Daily cleaning
- Security guard every night

With additional cost:
- Private chef and mixologist services
- Transportation
- Spa treatments
- Day trips and activities
- Event fees and permits

All reservations are non-refundable.
Services performed at the villa must be contracted by our team, no outside vendors.
Maximum occupancy 18 people.
Arrival 5 p.m.
Departure 10 a.m.
A refundable damage deposit of USD 4,000 must be credited to our account prior to check-in.
Quiet hours 11pm-7am. 
No drugs. Non-smoking rooms. No pets.
...Except during authorized events... No loud music, no outside sound system, no DJ. Guests not staying in the villa are not permitted on the property grounds.
For weddings, events and parties, written permission specifying the nature and conditions of the event is required and additional charges apply.


A mandatory damage deposit is required for all reservations, it has to be paid by wire transfer and must be credited to our account before the check in date.

The customer undertakes to make a security deposit in order to guarantee, among others, the following hypotheses, which and without being limited to: Damage to property belonging to 16tulum, loss of business resulting from significant damage to property making it impossible for another guest to reside, unpaid services to external providers and fines from authorities resulting from guests' failure to comply with Mexican laws.

The deposit will be returned, after the report and the balance that is made with regard to shortages, damages, surplus and in general any damage that 16TULUM suffers in its assets. In the event that the amount remaining as a deposit is not sufficient, the customer undertakes to pay the full cost of the damage.

Please treat our home as your most valuable and cherished possession, we inform you that any item damaged or broken will be charged. We ask our guests to be careful with sheets and towels provided, sheets and towels stained will be charged. It is forbidden to nail, glue, staple or screw objects on the walls, ceilings, windows, floor or in any other part of the installations. Articles left behind by the customer and found after departure will be kept for collection by the owner for up to 30 (thirty) days. After that time, unclaimed items will be disposed of by the house as seen fit.


Payment of your rental fee is deemed as full and final acceptance of the terms and conditions for booking a reservation at 16tulum. By booking a reservation with 16TULUM you agree to indemnify the owners, agents, and employees of 16tulum against any claim for liability for loss of personal property, personal injury, or death, or any claim whatever resulting from your residence or your guests' residence at 16tulum. 

Regarding external service providers, 16tulum only acts as a facilitator of the services and accepts no responsibility for any agreements made with the client, each provider will collect payment on their own terms. Chef services must be contracted with our caterer, it is strictly forbidden to introduce other vendors into the premises. Prices are subject to change without notice, quotes are valid for 24 hours.

16TULUM has a car park, where the customer and his guests park their own car and keep their key. 16TULUM is not responsible for any theft, total or partial damage to a vehicle; nor for any accident that may occur in the facilities, arriving or leaving.

In the event of inclement or bad weather, or general power and water cuts, 16tulum is not responsible or liable. Tulum is a remote location where a shortage of electricity or municipal water can occur, 16TULUM is equipped with a generator to power basic amenities, 16TULUM or the owner will not be held responsible for any outage.


The use of 16TULUM for any illegal activity, or against good habits, is strictly prohibited, as well as the use of any drug or narcotic. Parties are strictly prohibited by local authorities. Quiet hours from 11pm to 7am. Fines for non-compliance with local regulations are paid by customers.

16tulum is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left unattended in guest rooms, we recommend not to travel to Mexico with valuables items. 

Entertainment in mixed company or private visits from unregistered persons, in the guest room or common areas, is not permitted. A maximum of 2 (two) people are permitted to be registered to a room and must provide valid identification: passport, ID card.

The use of the swimming pools is under the responsibility of the guests, no guard on duty. It is strictly forbidden to drink or eat in the pools. Children are not allowed in swimming pool areas without supervision of an adult. 16tulum is not responsible for accidents in swimming pools or on its premises.

No drugs, no party, no loud music. 16tulum has the right to request guests and/or third parties, to vacate rooms or leave the house premises whenever not respecting the Mexican law and local regulations, or any article of the house’s internal rules. 

Always lock all doors and windows when leaving. Check the doors when you leave and after any service provider has left, to ensure the safety of your property and ours. Please close all windows when you leave the property to avoid water damage from sudden heavy rains. 16TULUM assumes no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage of personal items.

NO PETS Pets are not allowed on the property.

NON SMOKING It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the house, the bedrooms and the patios, on the deckchairs, sofas or puffy seats. Smoking outside in the garden is fine, please use ashtrays and do not throw cigarette butts in the garden.

TURN OFF A/C always turn off lights and air conditioners when you are not in the rooms. Never leave the A/C on with the doors or windows open, it will ruin the compressor. Waste of electricity contributes to damage to the environment and causes climate disorders